Cat is a great list-maker. Her notes here are a dynamic assortment of links put together by MSCSI creators and fans -- communities, comics and websites we admire and think you'll enjoy too. Keep checking back, because we're going to be updating and changing the lists regularly.

"When I approached the illustration for the Community page, I initially planned on creating an image that resembled MSCSI's interior artwork. However, I decided to try something totally different. I've always loved the Issue 1 mindmap with swatches of Cat's outfit in the upper left corner because the idea of taking drawn or stylized clothing and settings and representing how they'd look in the "real world" has been a fascination of mine for years. I wanted to give readers an idea of what Cat's bedroom might really look like. However, I combined it with a design element I've often wanted to try but had always been far too intimidated by: forced perspective in the style of Cubism and Post-Impressionism. The illustration was brought to hyper-realistic life with scanned elements from my wardrobe, photographs generously contributed from family and friends, and a massive selection of textures from CG Textures, and took about twelve hours to create." - Sarah Zaidan